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Psychic Kids

Monday, July 29th, 2013

July 29, 2013

Is your child psychic?

A recent investigation on Whidbey Island, Washington has led me to confirm my belief in the special psychic abilities of young children and many adults. There is no trickery, no gimmicks, no hidden agenda with these children. They simply have a gift that was given to them through their maternal ancestry. If you suspect that your child (or a child that you know) may have psychic ability, I highly recommend these two books:

Kids Who See Ghosts
Growing Up Psychic

In this case, personal accounts recalled by an 8 year old girl brought home the reality of this ability/phenomena to our team of investigators. Without divulging personal details of the case, suffice it to say that this young girl was able to describe details of family relatives who had passed on without any previous knowledge of any of the individuals she spoke of.

Because this child is extremely psychic, she may have inadvertantly attracted the attention of a malevolent spirit. Some believe that spirits are very sensitive to those with such abilities, and gravitate to them for help or attention. It is also possible that another resident of the same home (who has dabbled in Wiccan or Pagan practices) may have uknowingly opend a doorway for this malevolent spirit to enter the home. Whatever the cause, the child had a frightening encounter with this spirit. For this reason, our team was subsequently contacted to help.

Although our investigation did reveal some interesting phenomena (EVP, ITC, video), we were not able to defintively identify the name of the malevolent spirit person responsible for the frightening encounter. Our original intentions were to:

a) attempt to identify the malevolent spirit
b) banish that spirit from the home
c) cleanse the house and protect it from other malevolent spirits

At the close of our investigation, we conducted a cleansing by burning sage throughout the home and by placing salt in every corner in every room to help prevent any further intrusion of negative spirit energy. Since the investigation, the client has reported that her daughter no longer sees or hears the malevolent spirit. However, she continues to see a “lady in white” whom she believes to be somehow connected to the malevolent spirit. She also continues to have frequent contact with a friendly female child spirit.

Historical research on the property and surrounding area was conducted. That research revealed that in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, many people of Dutch, German, and Irish descent had settled in the area. During our investigation, we captured EVP and ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) responses with voices which seemed to be of Dutch origin.


When Lori asks the question: “Did you come through a porthole [portal] in here?”, a female spirit responds with a heavy breath and two words, which I believe are spoken in Dutch:
heren pool
Here is the same clip, only filtered a bit.
heren pool 2
And just the response, also filtered:
heren pool 3
The literal translation of the words “heren pool” in Dutch is: “men’s pole”. Weird.
To hear the Google’s version in Dutch, click this link Google Translate and then click on the little speaker. When compared with the EVP, the two sound very similar.

During this same EVP session, I asked whoever was there to come closer. Another heavy breath was the response.
heavy breath
And the filtered version:
heavy breath - filtered

I left an audio recorder running in one room of the house. While no one was in the room, the recorder picked up the sound of someone whistling. I confirmed with the occupant of the room that there were no chimes, alarms, bells or whistles on any devices that would have made this sound.
whistle - filtered

Spirit Box Session:
We heard a male voice say “Hello?” in a foreign accent. (Dutch?)

Hello? - filtered

Paul says “Hello?” and a male spirit asks “Who is it?” Then a female voice says “Anne” [pronounced as Ah-nay]. Anne
This is the Dutch pronunciation of the name Anne. I discovered this by going to Google translate. Compare the sound of the Google Dutch version of the word Anne with the EVP. A striking similarity.

How many spirits?
Lori asks “How many spirits are in this house?” The response, from more than one spirit, was three.
How many spirits?

The Sony HandyCam captured video of three light anomalies. Focus on the left side of the screen when viewing.

Noisy Spirits

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

December 6, 2012

A recent investigation of a downtown Mount Vernon office building revealed some interesting activity.
All three of us (Paul, Carmen and Lori) were sitting in the same room when we heard the sound of an empty water bottle being moved accross the wooden floor. A nearby digital audio recorder captured the event. This movement happened at the opposite end of the hallway, so we did not see it take place,but we all heard it.. A photo of the bottles was taken (as they were found) after the sound was heard.
Empty water bottles

Later on in the investigation, this sound was captured on our recorders. Not sure what it was, but none of the investigators made that sound.

We decided to use the Ovilus II, an experimental device which contains a list of 2,080 words. Among the words the device emitted was the word mustard. We asked about the possible signifigance of this and we were informed that the walls of one of the offices had indeed been painted a mustard color.

Lori and Paul conducted a flashlight session in the hallway. The flashlights continued to turn on and off during the course of the investigation.

Both flashlights at the same time.

Whistling spirits at Northern State

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

While on a recent short investigation at the Northern State horse stables building, I captured a response to a request. I was attempting to elicit a response by whistling. I did not hear it at the time. The first clip is the unmodified version. The second is just the response, with noise removed and slightly amplified.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Oddly enough, that same night at about 2:30 AM, Lori and the cat were awoken by the sound of someone whistling. (But at 2:30 AM?) She thought it was coming from outside in the street, so she raised the blinds, looked out, and saw no one there.

Weird….. Perhaps the whistling spirit hitched a ride on the way home from the investigation?

Ghost box session at Northern State farm area.

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Back in September, we invited guest John Ryan to an impromptu investigation of Northern State farm area in Sedro Woolley. In this clip, John introduces himself and at the end, you will hear a voice quickly say “Hey, Johnny!“.

Manresa Castle, Port Townsend, WA, September 5th and 6th, 2011

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011
Manresa Castle

Manressa Castle

Lori and I decided to give ourselves a mini-vacation. We wanted to simply get away for a few days and enjoy ourselves. At the VERY last minute, we decided to take a trip to Port Townsend. We were not dissapointed with our choice. She had all the shopping she could handle (and a LOT MORE than I could handle!), the weather was great, the scenery was great, the food and beer were superb, AND….we had an opportunity to investigate Manresa Castle!

We stayed at the castle for two nights in room 302, the top room (3rd floor) of the turret, to the far right. Our stay there was very relaxing and anjoyable. We will definitely be back!

Room 302, Manresa Castle

Room 302, Manresa Castle

The Investigation: Ghost Box Session
We ran digital audio and video recorders for several hours in room 302. While we are still reviewing evidence of our investigation, so far the most compelling evidence is from our short 15 minute ghost box session. After having no apparent success with just our recorders, we decided to try the ghost box. Almost immediately after the radio was turned on, a spirit asks “How is it different this time, Paul?“.

One of the purported legends of the Castle is that a Jesuit priest hung himself in the attic of the turret, just above room 302. Not being convinced one way or the other of the veracity of this story, I decided to ask the question anyway: “Why did you hang yourself?” There was a response through the radio, but it is not completely clear was is being said. I think there are at least two voices here. “Reggie...We're all just afraid...he's black....because I'm black (undecipherable words)“. Granted, the voices are not very clear and the words are not altogether decipherable, but interesting, nonetheless.

As we continued our ghost box session in room 302, yet more voices came through the radio. This next clip absoltely convinced me that these voices were NOT from a broadcast booth of a radio station, nor were they voices from hotel guests across the hall from us in room 304: the voices absolutely came from the radio. You will hear “Those bastards!...I can't sleep...not with that f*&^ing dog!“. There was no dog barking outside. It was quiet except for the radio. And it’s a hefty fine for profanity over the airwaves…

I wanted a more direct response from whoever might be communicating with us, and I got one. I asked the spirits to say hello to us. The response is a very quick “Hey, Paul.“.

Turrett, Manresa Castle

Turrett, Manresa Castle

Evelyn’s Tavern: Spirits At The Bar

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
Evelyn's Tavern

Evelyn’s Tavern












May 16, 2011
We want to sincerely thank Jan and Alex for allowing us to investigate Evelyn’s Tavern, located in Clear Lake, WA.
Spirits (of the non-alcoholic kind ;-)) were present and made themselves known to us via flashlight activity. After review of numerous hours of audio, we also discovered some quite compelling EVP evidence. Just this evening, I discovered these two EVP’s which were captured only on Carmen’s recorder.

1. What’s the order?
During the first 15 minutes of the investigation, the phone at the bar rings. On the fourth ring, a deep male voice shouts “What's the order?“.

After that, there appears to be a whispering voice which quickly says “It's eating time. It's three o'clock.“. I have slowed it down a bit so it is easier to hear. Listen carefully again to the end of the clip above, and then listen to this clip.

Here is a shortened and enhanced version of “What’s the order?” . I have removed the loud phone ringing so it’s easier to hear the voice underneath. There is an initial “whooshing” sound which appears to contain a voice which says “Hey, guys!”. Then you hear a thump, followed by “What’s the order?”. “What's the order?“.

2. I’ll grab some glasses.
As Lori is exiting the restroom, Carmen asks “Anybody wanna party with us?” A response from a female spirit says “I'll grab some glasses.“.

3. KII activity
Carmen asks the spirit “Are you still with us?…Are you on break?” The KII responds.

4. Flashlight activity.
During the investigation, we decided to set out our flashlights just in case the spirits decided to communicate with them. They didn’t disappoint us.

EVP’s with the RT-EVP digital recorder

Monday, March 21st, 2011

On the night of March 19th, 2011 (the super “perigee moon” – the biggest in almost 20 years), I visited Union Cemetery (Sedro Woolley) to do an EVP session. This time, I had only the RT-EVP recorder with me, our newest addition to our collection of devices.

While standing on the path in the north section of the cemetery, I thought I heard some voices play back through the recorder, but was uncertain of what what being said. The voices were very faint.

1. At about 21 minutes into the recording session, this sequence of voices is recorded.

The first voice is uncertain. The next voice sounds like a boy shouting “Hi! Let's play!.......HELLO?“.

2. Just 3 minutes later, I was again summoned to play.

Here is the clip, un-filtered and un-enhanced.

Here is the same clip filtered and greatly enhanced.
It is unclear what the first few words are. “Paul.??? Come back???......with us....???....PAUL!.....Come back and play!“.

2. On the way back to the south end of the cemetery, my recorder picked up on this spirit who said to me
Hello there!........Paul?

Here is that same clip, enhanced.
Hello there!........Paul?

Night At The Museum: Act II, February 19, 2011

Friday, March 4th, 2011
Sedro Woolley Museum

Sedro Woolley Museum

Ghost Seekers Realm extends a big “Thank you!” to Carolyn and all the Board Members of the Sedro Woolley Museum for allowing us to investigate for a second night, February 19. As always, I was skeptical, but after reviewing several hours of audio we discovered some very compelling evidence.

We captured some very interesting responses during our ghost box session and also captured some EVP’s.

1. This “Hello?” was captured on Lori’s recorder. “Hello!“.

2. During our ghost box session, we began asking for names. This one is quite clear. “Doreen“.

3. The next one occured just about a minute later. Lori asks the spirit to repeat the name and he does so. “Doreen“.

4. At one point during the ghost box session, I asked the spirits to speak their names loudly and clearly. We received a response immediately after i finished speaking. “Ed

5. This “Hello?” sounds as if it has a British accent. It occurred during the ghost box session.

6. Uncertain if the spirits heard her voice, Lori says “Hello?” A female spirit reponds in kind through the radio. “Hi!

7. This ghost box response was not heard until later. A little bit of filtering and enhancement was necessary to hear it well enough. “My name is Howard.

8. Carmen’s digital recorder was sitting on a glass case when this response to my question was captured. I was the only male in the building. I asked “Do you want us to get out again? Do you want us to leave now?” I enhanced the response. I've been meaning to tell you.
Here is just the response, enahanced a bit more. I've been meaning to tell you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
After re-listening to the original audio, I discovered something today that I missed during my initial review. Let’s back up for a minute….
Here is that same secion of audio, only this time, I include a few seconds previous to the above question/response. Immediately after I say “I know there’s someone in here. We heard you tell us “Get out!” the last time.”, there is an immediate response“, which is then followed by the question/response I posted above. This clip is not enhanced in any way.

9. Carmen prompted a response from a military man. Yeah!
Here is just the response, enahanced a bit more. Yeah!

10. A the very start of our ghost box session, even before we began to ask any questions, we were told a name. Doris


So there you have it, a very busy Night At The Museum!

Night At The Museum

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Sedro Woolley Museum

Sedro Woolley Museum

A sincere and warm thanks to Carolyn for allowing us to investigate the Sedro Woolley Museum on January 29th. We certainly enjoyed our time there. We learned so much from the tour! Being a history buff, I know I will be going back to learn more about Sedro Woolley’s rich and colorful past.

We captured some very interesting audio and video during our investigation.

1. The first EVP was captured in what is called the “Hospital Room”, where artifacts from Northern State Hospital are kept. You will hear my footsteps, and in between two of my footsteps, you will hear what appears to be a male voice, which sounds as if someone is “groaning“.

2. The next one occured just about two minutes later and sounds very similar to the first. It also sounds as if someone is “groaning“.

3. The third EVP occurred not long after the second. In this clip, you will first hear the second EVP followed by the third. It appears to be saying “Get out!
Turn down your headphones to about 25% for this one. It is a louder version of the “Get out!” portion of the previous clip.

Here are 4 video clips from our short 15 minute mini-mag-lite session in the “Hospital Room”.

1. Mag-lite I

2. Mag-lite II

3. Mag-lite III

4. Mag-lite IV