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Psychic Kids

July 29, 2013

Is your child psychic?

A recent investigation on Whidbey Island, Washington has led me to confirm my belief in the special psychic abilities of young children and many adults. There is no trickery, no gimmicks, no hidden agenda with these children. They simply have a gift that was given to them through their maternal ancestry. If you suspect that your child (or a child that you know) may have psychic ability, I highly recommend these two books:

Kids Who See Ghosts
Growing Up Psychic

In this case, personal accounts recalled by an 8 year old girl brought home the reality of this ability/phenomena to our team of investigators. Without divulging personal details of the case, suffice it to say that this young girl was able to describe details of family relatives who had passed on without any previous knowledge of any of the individuals she spoke of.

Because this child is extremely psychic, she may have inadvertantly attracted the attention of a malevolent spirit. Some believe that spirits are very sensitive to those with such abilities, and gravitate to them for help or attention. It is also possible that another resident of the same home (who has dabbled in Wiccan or Pagan practices) may have uknowingly opend a doorway for this malevolent spirit to enter the home. Whatever the cause, the child had a frightening encounter with this spirit. For this reason, our team was subsequently contacted to help.

Although our investigation did reveal some interesting phenomena (EVP, ITC, video), we were not able to defintively identify the name of the malevolent spirit person responsible for the frightening encounter. Our original intentions were to:

a) attempt to identify the malevolent spirit
b) banish that spirit from the home
c) cleanse the house and protect it from other malevolent spirits

At the close of our investigation, we conducted a cleansing by burning sage throughout the home and by placing salt in every corner in every room to help prevent any further intrusion of negative spirit energy. Since the investigation, the client has reported that her daughter no longer sees or hears the malevolent spirit. However, she continues to see a “lady in white” whom she believes to be somehow connected to the malevolent spirit. She also continues to have frequent contact with a friendly female child spirit.

Historical research on the property and surrounding area was conducted. That research revealed that in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, many people of Dutch, German, and Irish descent had settled in the area. During our investigation, we captured EVP and ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) responses with voices which seemed to be of Dutch origin.


When Lori asks the question: “Did you come through a porthole [portal] in here?”, a female spirit responds with a heavy breath and two words, which I believe are spoken in Dutch:
heren pool
Here is the same clip, only filtered a bit.
heren pool 2
And just the response, also filtered:
heren pool 3
The literal translation of the words “heren pool” in Dutch is: “men’s pole”. Weird.
To hear the Google’s version in Dutch, click this link Google Translate and then click on the little speaker. When compared with the EVP, the two sound very similar.

During this same EVP session, I asked whoever was there to come closer. Another heavy breath was the response.
heavy breath
And the filtered version:
heavy breath - filtered

I left an audio recorder running in one room of the house. While no one was in the room, the recorder picked up the sound of someone whistling. I confirmed with the occupant of the room that there were no chimes, alarms, bells or whistles on any devices that would have made this sound.
whistle - filtered

Spirit Box Session:
We heard a male voice say “Hello?” in a foreign accent. (Dutch?)

Hello? - filtered

Paul says “Hello?” and a male spirit asks “Who is it?” Then a female voice says “Anne” [pronounced as Ah-nay]. Anne
This is the Dutch pronunciation of the name Anne. I discovered this by going to Google translate. Compare the sound of the Google Dutch version of the word Anne with the EVP. A striking similarity.

How many spirits?
Lori asks “How many spirits are in this house?” The response, from more than one spirit, was three.
How many spirits?

The Sony HandyCam captured video of three light anomalies. Focus on the left side of the screen when viewing.

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