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A spirit speaks of the President-Elect Donald Trump.

November 11, 2016

Today I decided to use “EVP Maker“, which I have not used in a very long time. In a nutshell, this software takes any audio recording (in .wav format), chops it into bits, and plays it back. I decided to download an audio file of The Gettysburg Address and use it with EVP Maker. In the “segments” section settings, I used From: 20ms To: 120ms. I also enabled Overlap, Z-Cross, and X-Fade. Play EVP was set to ‘continuously’.

During the recording, I asked “Who is the current president-elect of the United States?” The response: “That’s Trump.” The response is at 7 seconds.

Here is just the response:

A few seconds later, a comment was spoken (about Trump?). It was an entire sentence which absolutely blew me away!: “He had to be clever.” And it is spoken with amazing inflection!

Here is just the comment:

Paul Kelly
Ghost Seekers Realm

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