Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 04:05 PM

Spirits of Northern State Speak Through The “Minibox”

I just started using the Ghost Hunter Apps “Minibox” at home and was blown away by what I heard after listening to the recordings. It seems as though the spirits of previous residents at Northern State Hospital for the Criminally Insane have already discovered the Minibox.

The following audio clips are from Minibox sessions on February 11 and February 14, 2017. Each statement seems to represent topics that one would associate with a mental hospital of earlier times. It is strongly recommended to listen with headphones or earbuds.

“You don’t like your rounds job.”


“Confusion and caution.”

Why wouldn’t people feel confusion and caution at a mental hospital?


“And we’re all crazy.”

I’m sure there were may residents who felt this way.


“Now they stick you.”

Some patients were most likely bothered by repeated treatments, including injections.


“Just accept that.”

This type of comment was (sadly) probably very common.


“That’s hot water.”

In a 2010 investigation at the Northern State farm grounds, I captured an EVP of a spirit that says “No more hot baths!” This is an interesting correlation with the above EVP. As a form of treatment, hot water baths were probably not very popular among some residents.


“I’m in scheduling.”


“The dead never cross.”

Interesting. Perhaps many spirits of the people who died at Northern State have not yet crossed over to the light.

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