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The Impossible Box (IB-1) from GhostHunterApps

October 18th, 2015

I recently purchased a license of the Impossible Box (IB-1) from Paranormal.

While recording a session in Mode 2 or “Impossible Mode” (multi-lingual/international internet radio stations), I got a message from a spirit saying: “I love you.”

What a wonderful message!

Paul Kelly
Ghost Seekers Realm

Vocibus Ghost Box

October 1st, 2015

I just bought a license of the Vocibus Ghost Box application. Honestly, I was skeptical at first. Not any more.
I just recorded a session with this app, and I am now convinced that it works.
During the session, I asked any spirits to speak my name, and someone responded with my full name [Paul Kelly], twice in a row!
The second one is VERY clear.
Here is the clip:

A message from a brave firefighter.

August 22nd, 2015

On August 20, 2015, I randomly decided to conduct a session with xParanormal Detector. Several words came through.
Here is the xParanormal Detector session from that day:

This morning I opened the window to my home office and smelled the heavy smoke from the forest fires. I commented to Lori about the smoke and she mentioned that there was recently a bad fire in the town of Twisp, Washington and surrounding areas and that many people had been evacuated. Unbeknownst to me, the day before (Wednesday, August 19), three courageous firefighters had died fighting a fire in that location. One of those firefighters was Richard Wheeler.

The words from the xParanormal Detector session may have been out of order, but when rearranged, they clearly form a message which says:
“Control the blaze!

Firefighters from around the country are continuing their efforts to control the blaze which has now consumed more than 256,000 acres.

I send out my heartfelt condolences to the families of the three fallen firefighters:
Tom Zbyszewski
Andrew Zajac
Richard Wheeler

Paul Kelly
Founder, Ghost Seekers Realm

Gus the friendly ghost.

September 7th, 2014

August 23, 2014

Our latest investigation took us once again to Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island, WA, where we met with the client. They had met Gus, a child spirit, through previous numerous Ouija board sessions. He and another spirit named Ray were very active on the Ouija board during the investigation. They also surprised us with some incredible EVP’s, which also included a clear female voice.

Early on in the investigation, a light anomaly flows from right to left.

A spirit asks us to Put the light on.

While all was quiet, we asked Gus to do something to let us know that he was with us. Little did we know that he would startle all of us by banging loudly on the wall. In this clip, you will hear a couple of bangs, faint voices, and then a loud knocking/banging in the form of “Shave and a haircut”. It shook the walls and the floor!

One of our new members, Keith, asked Gus to speak through the “Ghost Speaker”, a phone app. A playful spirit obliges with an unexpected response through the Ghost Speaker. Was this Gus?

During a Ghost Box session, a male voice comes through that is not English. It sounds like a native american language or dialect. What do you think?

Gus is asked to move something, and responds immediately by slightly opening a kitchen cupboard door and letting it close.

The client asks Gus to give us some more clues about him. Another male spirit (Ray?) responds with a demand to let Gus think of one (clue). Let him think of one. Here is an enhanced version of the response.

Out of the blue, a female voice says I'm sure something is happening. Here is an enhanced version.

Another light anomaly appears during an Ouija board session. Watch the right part of the video frame.



A note of special thanks.

We want to thank our client for allowing us into their home and for their wonderful hospitality. For us, it was an incredible investigation. Not only did we capture some amazing evidence, but we experienced and learned about positive spirit communication through the Ouija board.


xParanormal Detector

January 17th, 2014

Lately, I have been using a new software application on my laptop that is VERY cool. It’s called xParanormal Detector.
Simply put, this software senses energy fluctuations (R-Flux and Pulse Energy) in your computer’s internal wi-fi components. And much like the PX or the Ovilus, spirits can also choose words from an internal database and display them.
During any session, you can also use the application’s built-in audio recorder to record EVP sessions. I have done sessions with my H2-ZOOM recorder connected via USB and it works great!

Here is a screenshot of the software in action. In this case, there were two spirits detected with 25 yards and a few seconds later, the word “radio” was spoken. Did the spirit want me to use our P-SB7 spirit box?


In this screenshot, the spirit or spirits are shown on the ‘Paranormal Radar’ and are displayed in their approximate location(s) relative to the computer.


To learn more about xParanormal Detector, visit the author’s web site.

Death and Its Mystery

December 10th, 2013

“Someday our bodies will cease to live: there is not the least doubt on this point. They will resolve themselves into millions of molecules, which will later be reincorporated in other organisms of plants, animals, and men; the resurrection of the body is an outworn dogma that can no longer be accepted by anyone. If our thought, our psychic entity survives the dissolution of the material organism, we shall have the joy of continuing to live, because our conscious life will continue under another mode of existence that is superior to this.”

Camille Flammarion, Death And Its Mystery

Senior Moments

October 17th, 2013

October 5, 2013

This investigation in Burlington, WA in early October was interesting. The Ovilus II was quite active and we managed to capture several “senior moments” on our recorders.

We would like to sincerely thank the clients for allowing us to investigate. My hope is that we brought them (and the resident spirits) some peace of mind.

-Paul Kelly

A man named Walt Redfern came forward and identified himself. After some research, we find Walter W. Redfern (age 9) living in Mount Vernon, Washington, in the 1930 Census. We also discovered that Walt was a big WWI aviation buff who had built no less than 15 replicas of WWI airplanes. He was inducted into the World War I Aviation Hall of Fame in 1992. Walt Redfern

An elderly woman talks about someone or something “at the airport”. Is she referring to Walt Redfern, the avaition buff?

At the airport.

During a ghost-box session, we receive a female name “Diedre”.

Diedre. It is spoken by two spirits, a male first, then a female.

During the same ghost-box session, Lori asks if there is a Thelma present.

Is Thelma here?.....Nope!

A spirit who identifies himself as “Grandpa”, tells the neighborhood cat to “shuh up!” We did not hear this at the time it occurred.

It’s Grandpa….Shush up!

An elderly woman mumbles Your just never ending…(about the ?)…cat Is she talking about Grandpa’s comments to the cat? We did not hear this at the time it occurred.

An elderly woman speaks fondly of where she is.

A good place.

The question is asked “Are you here all the time?” The Ovilus II responds.


Psychic Kids

July 29th, 2013

July 29, 2013

Is your child psychic?

A recent investigation on Whidbey Island, Washington has led me to confirm my belief in the special psychic abilities of young children and many adults. There is no trickery, no gimmicks, no hidden agenda with these children. They simply have a gift that was given to them through their maternal ancestry. If you suspect that your child (or a child that you know) may have psychic ability, I highly recommend these two books:

Kids Who See Ghosts
Growing Up Psychic

In this case, personal accounts recalled by an 8 year old girl brought home the reality of this ability/phenomena to our team of investigators. Without divulging personal details of the case, suffice it to say that this young girl was able to describe details of family relatives who had passed on without any previous knowledge of any of the individuals she spoke of.

Because this child is extremely psychic, she may have inadvertantly attracted the attention of a malevolent spirit. Some believe that spirits are very sensitive to those with such abilities, and gravitate to them for help or attention. It is also possible that another resident of the same home (who has dabbled in Wiccan or Pagan practices) may have uknowingly opend a doorway for this malevolent spirit to enter the home. Whatever the cause, the child had a frightening encounter with this spirit. For this reason, our team was subsequently contacted to help.

Although our investigation did reveal some interesting phenomena (EVP, ITC, video), we were not able to defintively identify the name of the malevolent spirit person responsible for the frightening encounter. Our original intentions were to:

a) attempt to identify the malevolent spirit
b) banish that spirit from the home
c) cleanse the house and protect it from other malevolent spirits

At the close of our investigation, we conducted a cleansing by burning sage throughout the home and by placing salt in every corner in every room to help prevent any further intrusion of negative spirit energy. Since the investigation, the client has reported that her daughter no longer sees or hears the malevolent spirit. However, she continues to see a “lady in white” whom she believes to be somehow connected to the malevolent spirit. She also continues to have frequent contact with a friendly female child spirit.

Historical research on the property and surrounding area was conducted. That research revealed that in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, many people of Dutch, German, and Irish descent had settled in the area. During our investigation, we captured EVP and ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) responses with voices which seemed to be of Dutch origin.


When Lori asks the question: “Did you come through a porthole [portal] in here?”, a female spirit responds with a heavy breath and two words, which I believe are spoken in Dutch:
heren pool
Here is the same clip, only filtered a bit.
heren pool 2
And just the response, also filtered:
heren pool 3
The literal translation of the words “heren pool” in Dutch is: “men’s pole”. Weird.
To hear the Google’s version in Dutch, click this link Google Translate and then click on the little speaker. When compared with the EVP, the two sound very similar.

During this same EVP session, I asked whoever was there to come closer. Another heavy breath was the response.
heavy breath
And the filtered version:
heavy breath - filtered

I left an audio recorder running in one room of the house. While no one was in the room, the recorder picked up the sound of someone whistling. I confirmed with the occupant of the room that there were no chimes, alarms, bells or whistles on any devices that would have made this sound.
whistle - filtered

Spirit Box Session:
We heard a male voice say “Hello?” in a foreign accent. (Dutch?)

Hello? - filtered

Paul says “Hello?” and a male spirit asks “Who is it?” Then a female voice says “Anne” [pronounced as Ah-nay]. Anne
This is the Dutch pronunciation of the name Anne. I discovered this by going to Google translate. Compare the sound of the Google Dutch version of the word Anne with the EVP. A striking similarity.

How many spirits?
Lori asks “How many spirits are in this house?” The response, from more than one spirit, was three.
How many spirits?

The Sony HandyCam captured video of three light anomalies. Focus on the left side of the screen when viewing.

Noisy Spirits

December 12th, 2012

December 6, 2012

A recent investigation of a downtown Mount Vernon office building revealed some interesting activity.
All three of us (Paul, Carmen and Lori) were sitting in the same room when we heard the sound of an empty water bottle being moved accross the wooden floor. A nearby digital audio recorder captured the event. This movement happened at the opposite end of the hallway, so we did not see it take place,but we all heard it.. A photo of the bottles was taken (as they were found) after the sound was heard.
Empty water bottles

Later on in the investigation, this sound was captured on our recorders. Not sure what it was, but none of the investigators made that sound.

We decided to use the Ovilus II, an experimental device which contains a list of 2,080 words. Among the words the device emitted was the word mustard. We asked about the possible signifigance of this and we were informed that the walls of one of the offices had indeed been painted a mustard color.

Lori and Paul conducted a flashlight session in the hallway. The flashlights continued to turn on and off during the course of the investigation.

Both flashlights at the same time.

Whistling spirits at Northern State

December 6th, 2011

While on a recent short investigation at the Northern State horse stables building, I captured a response to a request. I was attempting to elicit a response by whistling. I did not hear it at the time. The first clip is the unmodified version. The second is just the response, with noise removed and slightly amplified.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Oddly enough, that same night at about 2:30 AM, Lori and the cat were awoken by the sound of someone whistling. (But at 2:30 AM?) She thought it was coming from outside in the street, so she raised the blinds, looked out, and saw no one there.

Weird….. Perhaps the whistling spirit hitched a ride on the way home from the investigation?